Pinterest UK Launch Campaign: #PinItForwardUK

Pinterest, one of the most popular and influential visual social networking site. Pinterest is a virtual pin board, you pin photos or videos to your different boards and share with other people. I have been using the Pinterest for nearly two years. When I first heard about Pinterest, people were saying it is a women biased site, and why do you pin cars photos. When you first visit the page during 2011, you notice the large amount of wedding based content. However as the time passed and people like me kept pinning different various content to Pinterest, the demographics of the Pinterest also changed.

Now, you can search any type of image on Pinterest and you will find really really good content. Unlike other visual search engines, the content at Pinterest is high quality and there is junk or advertisement obsessed users. People like me pinning photos of everything.

Recently, Pinterest decided to extend their launch campaign to UK and I was invited to take a part during this campaign. I attended an event in London and met with the team of Pinterest. Honestly, they are passionate for Pinterest were really friendly. So, this motivated me more to take a part at #PinItForwardUK campaign.

If you haven’t registered for Pinterest, this is the right time. Just click here to register and start checking my Cars board. You can see all my photos under the Cars boards and many more things. And don’t limit yourself with my content, check the other bloggers as well.