New BMW 8-Series | Gran Lusso

New BMW 8-Series, Gran Lusso. In 1990s, BMW 8-Series was one of the ground breaking GT cars on the market. And true competitor of Mercedes S-Coupe or CL-Class. However, BMW did not pursued to manufacture 8-Series and stop the production in 1999. In those years, GT car market was not that strong. Also, consumers were not that interested on GT cars, it was a very very niche market. Mercedes CL survived from that market but 8-Series could not.
BMW recently revealed the Gran Lusso (Designed by Pininfarina) concept car in Villa d’Este. Gran Lusso is one of the best looking cars in the market! I know this is a very bold statement but, I did not see any car more attractive and more beautiful. The interior of the Gran Lusso is magnificent. Even the new S-Class and the Aston Martin look out-dated. There will be a new CL or S-Coupe coming soon but if BMW manufactures the Gran Lusso as the new 8-Series, the fundamentals of GT market will change.
This concept car is powered by a V12 engine from 7-Series with 544 HP and 750Nm.

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