New Range Rover Experience

New Range Rover Experience! I decided to give another chance to the new Range Rover. As I expected my opinions did not change after the seconds visit. I still find it a bit interesting and needs more technological improvement. Especially, after the new Mercedes S-Class and upcoming Audi A8 and BMW 7-Series. The benchmark for high technology in automotive shifts into a different level. 
And unfortunately, Range Rover does not offer these technologies. Such as, active lane assist with steering wheel correction. This is available in Ford Kuga but not in new Range Rover. However, not all the Range Rover customers are worried with these features. They want more luxury and glamour.
Interior of the new Range Rover is luxury and offers massage and individual rear seats. Also, very well made. I couldn’t find any mistake! However, I still find the exterior of Range Rover similar to a luxury fashion accessory like a sunglass. New Range Rover is too shinny for a Range Rover and lost its off road DNA from after this new design.
People like me always complain about radical changes, I really want to see the tough character of the Range Rover instead of Bond Street friendly look. However world is changing and design language is changing as well. It is impossible to satisfy everyone!
There is always a demand to Range Rover, because it is Range Rover. Status of achievement! You cannot have this psychological feeling with other SUVs. If you are successful, you should buy a Range Rover, thus other people will recognise your success.
If you are successful and do not wish to announce it, buy the Mercedes M-Class!
My suggestion for the new Range Rover: Replaces the screens with a higher density screens. Design a new user interface. Offer new pre crash technologies. And better plastic. The rest of the vehicle is really good!
Lastly, don’t get influence by my comments. New Range Rover is a very good car and visit a dealer before making a decision. Don’t be lazy and sit in front a screen to judge a car :)