Rachel Galley Jewellery at Walpole Luxury Press Day

Rachel Galley Jewellery at Walpole. Yesterday, I have attended the prestigious Walpole British Luxury Press Day. It was my first in this event and also first time at Somerset House in London. It was an amazing event with many exquisite brands. And one of these brands was Rachel Galley.
Rachel Galley is a contemporary jewellery designer, who started her own brand few years ago and managed to succeed important milestone in few years time. Actually, we always read the success stories of the huge brands. However, huge brands have a lot of money and connection and that’s normal to see when they achieve a success. It would be unusual to see if they fail. On the other hand, achieving goals for a new designer brand is a real success.
Rachel achieved this by unique and exquisite jewellery collection. I am not a jewellery expert but what I see from her designs, there is a serious amount of craftsmanship on her jewellery and designs, attention to detail what caught my interest. Attention to detail became more important as the iPhone introduced very strict tolerance and Audi’s unbelievable zero tolerance policy even for their entry-level cars. As a result of these extensive exposures for attention to details, I have noticed Rachel’s commitment very clearly from her work.
Rachel uses silver and gold for her collection and each piece is handmade, not mass production! That’s a big plus for the brand.
Anyway, have a look at her collection and check Rachel’s website for the other designs.