Stella McCartney Fallabella Shoulder Bags | Selfridges

Stella McCartney Fallabella shoulder bags from Selfridges. Last week, during my visit to Selfridges Birmingham, I had chance to see the Stella McCartney’s 2013 bag collection. I admire Stella McCartney, it is one of the most environment friendly fashion brand, and does not sacrifice real leather for fashion. Despite the usage of faux leather in Stella McCartney collection, you really cannot understand the difference and won’t be bothered with this. Because, the faux leather is compensated by the unique design. 
Fallabella shoulders bags do not flash their brands. The design simple and function, also elegant. This is another segment in fashion, many people want to own a premium brand but they don’t want to show it like statement to others. Thus, the Fababella collection definitely will satisfy this unique consumers market. 
You can order the Stella McCartney Fallabella shoulder bags directly from the Selfridges online store. They improved their online store experience!