Vertu Ti with Google Android

Vertu Ti, the Google Android powered Vertu phone. Many people were waiting for this phone. Unfortunately, the ties with the Nokia prevented Vertu to expand to Android market a bit late. However, late better than never! Vertu Ti model uses the Google Android operation system with a very competitive hardware configuration. 
During the Walpole British Luxury press day, I had chance to experience the Vertu Ti model. Ti is powered by a dual-core 1.7 GHz CPU with 1GB of RAM and 64GB of internal memory. I really don’t know why but Vertu Ti offers memory card expansion slot. Honestly, I found the memory card expansion slot a bit unnecessary. Many people never use it and become an unused feature of the many mobile phones. However, memory expansion is a plus for marketing purposes! 
The body of the Vertu Ti is made from titanium, literally it is unbreakable and delivers a very solid feeling. Moreover, the touch screen of Vertu Ti is from sapphire. Unlike other many other brands, Vertu is not using the legendary Gorilla Glass brand for the touch screen. Instead of that, Vertu developed the touch screen from a very tough material, sapphire. Literally, you cannot scratch it!
Vertu Ti offers an excellent Android experience, which you will not regret it. Also the exquisite craftsmanship of Vertu creates a great experience. However, the only down side the pixel-per-inch value, 252ppi. Apple and Samsung increased the competition for PPI values and the numbers became so high, even the normal eyes cannot understand difference. Despite the relatively low PPI value of Vertu Ti, the speakers are made by Bang & Olufsen!
Vertu Ti is a pure luxury technology good. Ti may not be very competitive in some areas but in overall, there is no alterative to Vertu Ti in luxury mobile phone market.