BMW i3 Official Photos | Electric BMW

BMW i3 is finally revealed to public. i3 is powered by an electric engine with  170 HP / 250 Nm of torque. BMW i3 only needs 7.2 seconds to reach 100 km/h with the limited top speed of 150 km/h. This car, i3 is the first pure electric BMW and created a new path for the future of BMW. i3 not only opened a new path on electric powertrain, but also defined a new path in terms of using aluminium and carbon-fibre together in a platform. 
BMW i3 is powered electricity and many people will be concerned by the range. According to BMW, i3 is capable of travelling between 130 – 160 km and daily average we cover 64 km. i3 is designed for city driving, however if you opt for the range extender, you will be able to cover 300 km with the BMW i3. The range extender of BMW i3 is a 34 HP two-cylinder engine placed at the rear axle to provide 50:50 weight distribution. When you purchase the BMW i3 with the range extender, there is nothing different than a normal car. Range will not be an issue anymore.
In terms of design, BMW i3’s exterior is absurd, question mark, vague. I mean, i3 resembles with Mini Clubman. The rear doors have very funny window curves, rear of the i3 is weird, and also the curves at the front are absurd as well. But I love the Rolls Royce style rear-hinged door! Honestly, why did BMW made so many curves around the vehicle, what is the point! If they are for the aerodynamics, I have nothing to say. But if they are for beauty, I am not the right person to love BMW i3. I love, form equals function person, I really don’t like to see curves and parts that do not have any function at all.
Despite this absurd exterior, I really loved the interior of the BMW i3. BMW designer managed to integrate the high technology with the natural materials like wood and leather. Honestly, this cannot be achieved this beautifully before. I am speechless with the interior of the BMW i3. Interior of BMW i3 is my new benchmark!
Will I buy one? I would definitely buy a BMW i3. Because, it is way different than a traditional BMW and captures different type of consumers. i3 is the reflection of high-tech and automotive engagement with luxury touches. And it is unique. I really love the idea of using electric powertrain with a range extender. I mean for a small car, BMW i3 is the perfect choice. I would definitely buy one and moan everyday for its weird exterior design.
Price of BMW i3? Starts from €34,450 without range extender and with range extender €34,950. My opinion, go for the BMW i3 with range extender. It is not that expensive and it is only a two-cylinder engine. 
Okay, it is expenseive, you can buy better car, bla bla bla. Unfortunately, you are buying a brand new technology. Why don’t you say this the same words when you are going to replace your iPhone 5 with iPhone 5s ;)
Lastly, press event of the BMW i3 was disappointing. Automotive industry has to remove that extreme serious faces during the product launches. Just look at the Apple or Samsung, everyone smiles, no one wears black Armani or Hugo Boss suits. And bring exciting crowd like Apple does, there should be people who can show passion and tweet live! Otherwise, people will not watch it like Apple’s press events. Sorry to say this. Because, BMW i3 deserved better :( 

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