Mercedes New S-Class (S500 4MATIC) with George Michael Careless Whisper

New Mercedes S500 4MATIC and George Michael Careless Whisper. I know this sentence does not make any sense at all. But last night I watched a video of Jenna Marbles, the YouTube celebrity. She has more viewers than an average TV channel on earth! And she creates really funny videos. In her recent videos, she discussed the sexiness effect of George Michael unforgettable song Careless Whisper (Open in iTunes) from 1984. If you were born in 1980s, you will remember this song, even if you were baby at those years. Your subconscious definitely recorded to somewhere.
Jenna said, if you use the Careless Whisper as background music, everything becomes very sexy. And I wanted to test this hypothesis with the new Mercedes S-Class S500 4MATIC footage. I am not a fan of S-Class, due to its representation of conversative design in every single angle. Despite this conservative look, I always loved the S500 4MATIC. It is the best car in the world, it has everything you need. 
They usually say this for Range Rover but, S500 4MATIC is fantastic. Lots of safety and technology packed inside including hot stone massage with a 4.7-lt V8 engine with 455 HP and 700 Nm of torque and four-wheel drive system to transfer all power to all four wheels. Nothing can be better than this.
So, I decided to make the Mercedes S500 4MATIC sexier and added the George Michael Careless Whisper as background music. And result is really good! Jenna is right, when you use Careless Whisper, everything becomes sexier :)
This video is not created for advertisement or promotional purpose, I did it only for entertainment. If the copyright owners request, I will remove the video. 

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