The New Range Rover Sport // Larger Size Evoque

The new Range Rover Sport is revealed recently and I haven’t written about it. I know the new Range Rover Sport is on everywhere but I didn’t have any motivation to write about it. The main reason is the design similarity with the Range Rover Evoque. Evoque became the epic success of Land Rover and consequently, this financial success influenced the design philosophy of the upcoming Land Rover vehicles. That’s why Range Rover Sport looks like a larger size Evoque.
Personally I don’t like this type of design similarities among different vehicles in the same brand. However, the financial pressure to keep the momentum going causes this problem. Companies don’t want to lose their financially successful design philosophy. As a result of this, the new vehicles looks like previous vehicles. 
The new Range Rover Sport is 420-kg lighter than the preceding model and made from aluminium and it weights only 2.1-tonne! I consider as a great success. As a result of this diet, Range Rover Sport will a better handling and more competitive for the new BMW X5!
New Range Rover Sport is powered by two petrol and two diesel engines; 3-lt Supercharged V6 with 340 HP / 5-lt Supercharged V8 510 HP and 3-lt TDV6 258 HP / SDV6 292 HP / 4.4-lt 339 HP. All engines are coupled with 8-speed automatic gearbox.

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Land Rover