The Third Generation MINI is Coming // New New New MINI

The third generation MINI coming! Actually, the present MINI is the new one. I mean Frank Stephenson designed the new MINI. And we call the MINI that we spot on the street as the new MINI. However when the product lifecycle of the new MINI came to an end, BMW revealed another new MINI. Thus, the second generation MINI is the new New MINI and the new New MINI is going to be replaced soon and the third generation will be new new New MINI. And this conversation goes forever and it will be as senseless as the chicken and egg dilemma
Literally, Frank Stephenson designed the new MINI. And BMW revised the new MINI and created the second generation and now they revised again and third generation is going to be available. And sorry for the confusing and non-sense new MINI conversation :)
And if you are thinking who is Frank Stephenson, here is my interview with him :) Moreover, if you are interested to cars and have no idea who is Frank, this is similar to: I love fashion so much, but I never heard of Karl Lagerfeld. I am not joking, I heard this sentence from a fashion designer student!

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