What Car Lady Gaga Drives? McLaren MP4-12C Spider

Lady Gaga drives a McLaren MP4-12C Spider is the answer for the question, what car Lady Gaga drives? Actually she is not driving, she is sitting at passenger seat. Anyway, we consider Lady Gaga owns a McLaren MP4-12C Spider!

And this indicates that Lady Gaga has knowledge on cars. Because, McLaren MP4-12C Spider is a Formula 1 car packed in an everyday drivable design. The technologies involved with the MP4-12C Spider is not quite common to spot at any other cars, therefore people who prefer MP4-12C means they know about cars!

Two weeks ago, I spotted the design director of Frank Stephenson driving a McLaren MP4-12C Spider and this week Lady Gaga. Which is cooler? Spotting a designer driving his own design. Sorry Lady Gaga!

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