L’Agent by Agent Provocateur Autumn Winter 2013 Advertisement by Penelope Cruz

L’Agent by Agent Provocateur’s provocative and creative autumn winter 2013 campaign video is recently released. For many people, you may assume that, the Agent Provocateur’s video will be full of big boobs, half naked women. And that’s true however, this time the scenario was written and directed by Penelope Cruz.

And Penelope exposed the ugly truth of life in less than five minutes. I really love the scenario, beginning with the industrial machinery noise at the background, then the character transforms into a world that does not exist except for few people. And returns back to reality. I think Penelope Cruz very cleverly summarised the reality of our daily lives.

As long as you are not a pop star or celebrity, you cannot have a flat full of half naked women dancing, our reality is the end of the video :)

Back to Agent Provocateur, L’Agent Agent Provocateur is the relatively priced lingerie line. As the Agent Provocateur is priced at premium level and quite impossible to be consumed by many people. And those many people jump to Victoria’s Secret for relatively priced and sexy lingerie. In terms of business, this means, Agent Provocateur loses money to Victoria’s Secret. And this is not good. Thus, L’Agent Agent Provocateur brand is emerged. Now you can wear Agent Provocateur and don’t have to bear the premium price tag :)

Why I am writing this? I really loved the footage and the background music. And I expect some people to click to this post :)

The background music is from Optimist, “Open Door” and “Sexy Toy”.


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