New BMW M3, or New M4

New BMW M3 is not available anymore, sorry for the inconvenience. However, BMW compensates this sadness with the brand new M4! If you don’t know yet, BMW recently rebranded the 3-Coupe and 3-Cabrio as 4-Series. So, we will not have a M4 Coupe anymore, it will be M4!
And few days ago, M4 Concept photos are revealed to press. Still this M4 is a concept vehicle but there won’t be major changes to design. However, I am started to suspect that BMW is influenced by the customers from Gulf countries and their tendency to wrap up their cars in gold plates. I think it is not hard to deny it when you see the photos.
BMW M4 is powered by a twin-turbo 3-lt engine with 450 HP and 550 Nm torque. BMW M4 hopefully will not feature the pre-historic automotive technology, the manual gearbox. M4 will be available only with 7-speed DCT double clutch automatic. Great news!

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