Four Lamborghini Aventadors from London

Lamborghini Aventador, it is one of the very rare cars on market nowadays.  Many people grab their mobile phone to a single photo of the Aventador, even if they spotted it only for one second. However, I was a bit lucky yesterday. I saw four Lamborghini Aventadors at HR Owen London dealer. And they were not planning to anywhere, so I had the freedom to take some photos.

These Aventadors are powered by a 6.5-lt engine with 700 HP, 690 Nm of torque. And less than three seconds are enough to reach 100 km/h! Top speed is limited with your life expectation :)

And again thanks to HR Owen dealers for their hospitality. I promise, I will buy a car from HR Owen one day.

And I used olloclip wide angle lens for these photos.