Jaguar S-Type and Sting Desert Rose from 2000

Desert Rose by Sting from year 2000. If you were born during 1990s, most probably you cannot remember the video clip of Desert Rose and the car that featured. It was Jaguar S-Type! 
Jaguar S-Type was built when the Ford owned the Jaguar and it was one of the most sensational car on year 2000. Actually, everything was sensational on those years, except mobile phone operation systems. Today, everyone installed the Apple’s new IOS 7. And we celebrated like an independence day. I was one of them as well. Now I am thinking, it is just a new operation system to a mobile device. 13 years ago, you could not update your phone operation system! It must be done by the authorised service. On those years, Google was not a sensation and Desert Rose was a very popular song. And again Jaguar S-Type was very coolers than Mercedes E-Class, BMW 5-Series and Audi A6! And also there was Saab 95. 
In addition, it was first year at the university and we didn’t have Facebook and the only communication was done by the SMS message. And none of the mobile operators were offering unlimited text or unlimited call. And mobile internet was something, which is only available at mobile phone’s user manual and no one ever experienced it. 
Why I am writing all these? Believe me I have no idea. May be the IOS 7 celebrations gave me a flashback to the beginning of this century.
Anyway, Jaguar S-Type was a nice car :) I still have the CD of Desert Rose but don’t have a CD player to listen…

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