Mercedes New S-Class Coupe | S-Coupe | New CL Photos

Mercedes S-Class Coupe or new CL-Class or S Coupe photos were released but they are concept vehicle photos. It won’t be on production. Concept cars are like haute couture, you cannot have them in daily life or they are not designed to survive in tough conditions. Therefore, concept cars look way better than the production cars. 
Yes and I am saying the same for the S-Class Coupe concept. I don’t fancy Mercedes for last ten years due to their addiction to plastic interior parts, über conservative design and lack of passion. However, they create really beautiful concept cars like S-Class Coupe.
However, S-Class Coupe looks very similar to CLA from the front-end :(
I don’t think Mercedes will ever put this design into production, however it is good to have a look and scare the competitors. But will you buy a S-Class Coupe over a Bentley Continental GT or Ferrari FF?

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