Need for Speed Movie | Unfortunately

Need for Speed movie will be in theatres on May, 2014! I am really sorry to reveal this news from my blog. Since the catastrophe of Fast & Furious haven’t end yet, we have another catastrophe on theatres and it is called Need for Speed.

Need for Speed game has a special place for me. I remember the first day I played the Need for Speed at my PC on 1996! Despite the poor graphic and lack of real driving experience, it was a fantastic computer game! I really loved it. And the rest of the Need for Speed series were fantastic. Especially, the Need for Speed Porsche Edition started my love towards Porsche cars. And each year Need for Speed became better and better.

I was expecting to watch Need for Speed movie but Fast & Furious disaster ruined my brain. Honestly, I cannot find a reason to watch Fast & Furious. It is more eccentric than Jack Bauer on 24! If Fast & Furious was not released a single movie, I would love to watch Need for Speed but I don’t find energy to watch it.

However, based on my emotional bound and subconscious memories of Need for Speed, I will watch the movie :)

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