New Mercedes S-Class Coupe | New CL Coupe?

Today Mercedes released a video of the upcoming S-Class Coupe concept. The S-Class Coupe is not something new, it is going to replace the CL-Class. As the new branding strategy of the Mercedes, they started to use Coupe word like E-Coupe, S-Coupe and leaving the CLK and CL brands.
New S-Coupe or S-Class Coupe will be based on the existing S-Class with two less doors. They might be a diesel engine option but I don’t think so. Because, Mercedes is trying to compete with Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari and Maserati with S-Class Coupe and these competitors do not offer diesel engines.
Anyway, the S-Class Coupe concept looks like beautiful but it is not production vehicle, so there will be minor and major changes. And also, S-Class Coupe will not be as boring as S-Class thanks to different customer audience but still a Mercedes, not a Bentley.
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