Porsche Design Fall / Winter 2013 Women Collection

I have just seen the Porsche Design women fall / winter 2013 collection. I am not a fashion critic but I always find Porsche Design as a very muscular brand for a women collection. The colours, the lines and the image do not match properly with the idea of women collection. However, they didn’t give up. For last one year, Porsche Design’s efforts to enter women fashion business is as ambitious as Porsche Cayenne’s first attempt to find a place on market. 
And Porsche Design is finding the grip for the women fashion business. It is really hard for them to compete with the iconic brands but Porsche Design is a contemporary fashion brand and it will be unfair to compare it with brands like Valentino. And also, whatever Porsche Design does, they cannot get rid of the mechanical feeling. Porsche Design is related with Porsche and Porsche manufactures cars and their cars are not emotional like Ferraris.
Therefore, Porsche Design should focus on more emotional figures for their brand. In order to find a place and increase traction to go further, Porsche Design have to have emotional figures. Otherwise, the expected success never be able to achieved. 
And start with the colours! Please, get rid of the black, grey, dark grey, light grey, or anything that has black inside. You are not selling a car, I know there should be somehow Porsche DNA but create that DNA through production quality not the colours inspired by Porsche cars.

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Porsche Design