Roma non fu fatta in un giorno means Rome wasn’t built in a day

Roma non fu fatta in un giorno means Rome wasn’t built in a day. I didn’t start learning Italian or try to impress people who visit my blog. I always wanted to explain what I experienced whilst keeping this blog alive for nearly four years.
I can write about my blogging experiences as a separate blog. Many people think, blogging is just pressing buttons on a keyboard. If you are approaching to blogging like this, you might be thinking Charles Dicken’s novels are just pieces paper, air pilots are only pressing buttons to fly a plane, lawyers are making money by talking or a photographer is just pressing a button. If you are approaching to world like this, unfortunately you need to think again!
If something looks very simple to do it, believe me it is one of the hardest things on earth! You cannot be a journalist to Financial Times easily! You might be thinking, journalist are just pressing button on a keyboard but the important thing is to know which button to press. Pilots are pressing buttons, pulling levers and the rest is done by airplane’s computer. But the important thing is knowing which buttons to press and the degree of lever to take off. Lawyers are talking and all humans are talking but they know what to say at the right time.
When you don’t know the details of very simple looking thing, you cannot do it.
So, blogging is similar to that. Most of the services are free but reality is not like that. You need to buy cloud storage, domain name, applications and many other things. And also, you need to create a new content all the time, you need to know the search engine optimisation thing, you need to keep your moral high all the time despite the Google’s sudden revisions, you need to bare negative comments from jealous people, you have to keep up with new technology to extend your work on new platforms, and you need to find a place among millions of blogs.
A blog is not built in a day. It takes a very long journey to achieve this and if you are reading this post and never been to my blog before, I can explain my achievement by Rome wasn’t built in a day.