Russian Car Journalist Anastasia Tregubova Tests Jaguar F-Type

Jaguar F-Type driven by Anastasia Tregubova, the Russian car journalist. Probably the sexiest car journalist on this planet :)

Anyway, as you expected the test drive is in Russian but thanks to YouTube translate function, I partially understand what she was telling. And I don’t agree on some! The main argument for the Jaguar F-Type is the interior built quality and state-of-art complicated navigation screen. The interior looks exclusive and ergonomically designed, however the material quality for the interior is not matching with the interior of the competitors, such as Porsche 911! I was expecting to see higher quality material to appreciate the Porsche 911 level price tag.

The navigation screen is still a disaster in Jaguar Land Rover group. It is not user friendly, very complicated to use. I think Anastasia and rest of the world agree with me. Jaguar Land Rover has to find a solution for the navigation screen.

The rest is I agree with Anastasia. Jaguar F-Type is a unique car with a very engaging driving character. I am sure that, if I drove a F-Type I would love the ride. However, the high price tag reduces the gap between the Porsche 911. And when the Porsche 911 is close range, my brain will be questioning why I bought a Jaguar F-Type.

And many people will be asking the same question. The answer for the question is Jaguar F-Type is exclusive and Porsche 911 is a mass-market! That’s the difference. You can see a Porsche 911 literally everywhere but F-Type is really rare. However, Porsche 911 is way better built than a Jaguar F-Type. That’s the problem. But for some people, that’s a not problem :)

Photos Credits
Anastasia Tregubova