Aston Martin Cygnet is Dead

Aston Martin Cygnet is dead! Today Aston Martin officially announced their decision to stop making Cygnet model. Honestly, I am bit sad with this news, despite all efforts tiny Cygnet could not keep up with its older siblings.
Since the Cygnet was revealed, it never managed to achieve any success or respected by the consumers. Aston Martin first announced that, Cygnet will be available to existing Aston Martin owners and they changed their mind and then they change their mind again. Because, it was based on Toyota iQ without any technical modification and didn’t have enough money to replace the Toyota details. 
Honestly, it was obvious mistake since the beginning. Aston Martin tried to reduce their fleet emission level by cutting corners and did not manage to reveal a proper luxury small car. Actually, luxury small car market is immature. MINI Inspired by Goodwood version managed stay in dealers to attempt world record. Their demand is so niche and so weak, manufacturing is not a feasible option.
Now, Cygnet will take its place on Aston Martin’s history as a failure from the beginning. I am sure, the small luxury car market will expand in future as the younger generation who loves to play with iPhones gets older. However, wrapping up a Toyota iQ was not a very reasonable solution to reveal a luxury product. 
If Bentley produces a small Bentley based Volkswagen Polo platform, it will be the right time! 
Actually, I liked the Aston Martin Cygnet. It was a very cute car but its fate was not that bright. And I am really happy to see it in real life.