Is Mercedes S-Class Safe? | S400 Hybrid Accident

Is Mercedes S-Class safe? You can find answer to this question from Euro-NCAP results or asking your friends or etc. And I have a very good answer for your questions with photographs. Yes, Mercedes S-Class is really safe car despite being boring! 
Recently a Mercedes S400 Hybrid had a terrible accident in outskirts of Yosemite National Park on August. While the S400 Hybrid driver was on his lane, he faced with an SUV from opposite direction and had no other chance to steer to right. However, there was no extra lane or extra room to avoid the accident and the S400 Hybrid rolled over 123-metre from a cliff. And he had no injury! mbrace and other drivers called emergency services. So the story ends up happy. 
Based on my experience from my internships at automotive industry. This car only has few scratches. Just have a look at the photo and you will under what I mean.
What we learn from this accident? Mercedes makes really safe and boring cars :)

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