Kate Upton sings with Snoop Dogg and Larry King | Hot Pocket Sandwiches

Kate Upton sings with Snoop Dogg, You Got What I Eat. I was expecting this to happen sooner or later. Kate Upton becomes a singer. Actually not a real singer but Kate features at Snoop Dogg’s latest video clip. Am I surprised? Of course no!

During last few years, Kate Upton boosted her performance like nothing else on planet! As the space shuttles are out of use, I cannot compare anything faster than the career of Kate Upton.

Wait a second, is this an advertisement of video clip? Yes, this is a four-minute advertisement of Hot Pockets sandwiches! That’s why we see Kate Upton with Snoop Dogg and Larry King. I have no idea how Larry King end up on this adverstiment :)
The results of advertisement with Kate Upton? It became viral! Ugly truth, Kate Upton makes brands go viral. Whether you like it or not :)