Louis Vuitton Art Talk with Sarah Lucas and Iwona Blazwick

Louis Vuitton Art Talk. On October 17, literally last week. Louis Vuitton has an event at their New Bond Street Maison, Art Talk. The event hosted Sarah Lucas and Iwona Blazwick. If you don’t these people, by clicking on their names, you can have some information. 
Also the guests of the event were Tallulah Harlech, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, Harriet Verney, Pheobe Collings-James, Kim Hersov, Bay Garnett, Sadie Coles, Iwona Blazwick, Annie Morris and Idris Khan. 
If you think, Louis Vuitton is only a company that offers handbags and leather goods. LV has a long and strong bond. Thus, we see very creative store displays and unique design on each season.

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Louis Vuitton