New Ford Mondeo Vignale | Luxury

New Ford Mondeo Vignale. Vignale is the most luxurious trim level for the new Mondeo that will be revealed on 2015. On 2006, Ford mentioned that, their aim is to catch up with the Audi’s perfection of interior. And after seven years, I can see that Ford is working very hard to achieve this target.

Vignale will be offering high quality leather craftsmanship and special features dedicated to Vignale trim level. I think Vignale trim level will be more expensive than Titanium but what I see from the photos, it does worth it!

Ford did not release more information regarding to Vignale, however we will hear more as the new Mondeo release date gets closer.

Will Ford Mondeo ever be competing with Audi? Yes! Don’t forget, Audi was never meant to be competing with BMW and Mercedes!

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