New Long Wheelbase Range Rover

New Long wheelbase Range Rover is recently revealed to public. After a very long time, Land Rover offered a vehicle with a long wheelbase option. The main reason for this decision is to compete with Mercedes S-Class, Bentley Flying Spur and some how Rolls Royce Ghost. Personally, it was very good decision to offer longer version, because some people willing to have more legs room at the rear.

However, longer vehicle does not mean that you suppose to offer wheel as big as a truck. Long wheelbase Range Rover is available with 21-inch and 22-inch wheels! And also Land Rover claims that longer Range Rover will have the same off-road capabilities with these huge wheels. Let me make this simple, if you are driving a vehicle with 21 or 22-inch wheels with low profile tyres, you have no chance to deal with adverse condition during an off-road journey. That’s why Mercedes G-Wagen and Toyota Land Cruiser offer high profile tyres to cope with rocks and mud. What Land Rover claims with the long wheelbase Range Rover with 22-inch wheels for off-road are similar to Christian Louboutin offers hiking experience with Monicarina Veau Velours boots.

Long wheelbase Range Rover offers very high level of luxury but still lack of the high technology of a German SUV. Unfortunately Range Rover cannot detect pedestrians at night like the new BMW X5! I know Range Rover offers a very high level of luxury but it needs more high-tech features.

And long wheelbase Range Rover cost more than £140,000. It is very expensive on each currency :) Keep in mind, Audi A8 offers four-wheel drive and the same level of luxury with a better price tag!

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