Tripod Mount for iPhone by olloclip

iPhone tripod mount by olloclip case. Some people may find it useless to mount an iPhone to a tripod but you may need it some time! Especially, if you planning to broadcast an event through the ustream or livestream apps by iPhone, you have to mount the iPhone to a tripod for better broadcasting quality.

However, finding a case to mount your iPhone for tripod is a bit hard. You have to search Amazon and then ebay and order it from in the middle of nowhere that will take at least three weeks to arrive. Eventually, you will give up before purchasing the case.

And there is another alternative, you can visit any Apple Store and buy olloclip tripod mount case. I had it for few weeks and it is amazing. Not only mounts the iPhone to tripod, but also you can connect an external light source. Literally, you will have your own live broadcast station. Also, this case enables you to take fantastic panoramic photos with iPhone 5 and 5s. Because, your hand shakes all the time while taking a panoramic photo and tripod removes this problem.

If you are planning to get more from your iPhone, you should definitely have this case.