Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo: Virtual Reality | Download on December 6

Virtual reality; Mercedes AMG Vision Gran Turismo is finally revealed on Gran Turismo 6 game recently. This virtual Mercedes is powered by an AMG V8 with 577 HP with 799 Nm of torque. And it is only 1.3-tonne with AMG’s high performance carbon brakes! And AMG Vision Gran Turismo will be available to download on December, 6!

As you realized this is a virtual car, there is no real car travelling on this planet. This is a very bold example of the influential role of digital world and how it influences the decision made in real world.

Gran Turismo is the most realistic car simulation game with a unique mathematical algorithm to allow users to experience the real driving conditions of the each individual vehicle on the car. That’s why many car manufacturer works with Gran Turismo!

And if Mercedes puts AMG Vision Gran Turismo into production without any changes, I promise I will stop moaning for Mercedes.

Lastly, AMG Vision Gran Turismo resemble with Bugatti Veyron from the rear, check the wheel arches. And from the top it resembles with Morgan AeroSports.

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