New Jaguar F-Type Coupe Photos

Jaguar revealed the new F-Type coupe! Personally I liked the coupe version of the F-Type more than the cabrio! The main reason for this, cabrio has a very poor looking roof mechanics. When you compare with Porsche 911 cabrio and other competitors, Jaguar could have made the cabrio’s roof mechanism better.

Hopefully, we have the F-Type coupe now. Personally, I liked the design it reflects the design bits from the iconic E-Type and offers a different taste to market. And F-Type is made from aluminium alloy. This not only offers lighter body weight but also offers better acceleration and handling. That’s why I like the F-Type!

The engine range starts from 3-lt V6 with 340 HP (450Nm) / 380 HP (460 Nm) and 5-lt V8 with 550 HP (680 Nm). The acceleration figures are quite good; 340 HP (5.1 seconds to 100 km/h), 380 HP (4.8 seconds to 100 km/h) and 550 HP (4.0 seconds to 100 km/h). The top speeds are 259 km/h (340 HP), 275 km/h (380 HP) and 300 km/h (550 HP).

In order to stop the F-Type without crashing to somewhere, carbon ceramic matrix braking system is used.  It is optional on  F-Type R and S but you should get it!

Engines are coupled with quickshift 8-speed automatic gearbox and wheel-mounted paddles are available but I don’t think they will shift like double clutch gearboxes.

And lastly, F-Type features electronic active differential works simultaneously with torque vectoring system. Basically, system brakes the inner wheel during cornering. But it is more complicated than it sounds.












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