New SUV for Dubai Police | Brabus Mercedes G63 AMG

New police SUV for Dubai Police, Brabus Mercedes G63 AMG. Dubai police has a very good reputation of using super fast cars for their fleets. Probably Dubai police is the only security force that features Bugatti Veyron with flashing lights on! I mentioned before about their range of super fast cars and now they added something new to fleet. Mercedes G63 AMG with Brabus modification. Brabus is a company specialised on modifying Mercedes vehicles and turn them into monster! And the story is the same with the G63 AMG, after Brabus the G63 AMG features 700 HP and 910 Nm of torque. Only needs 4.9 seconds to reach 100km/h and the top speed is 240 km/h. 
Remember, Mercedes G-Wagon has the same level of aerodynamic design of a castle. Literally, G-Wagon is a moving wall, no aerodynamics. And it is heavy, more than 2,5-tonne! And also the G-Wagon is the coolest SUV on this planet and offers three differential locks, low range gearbox for serious off road experience.
Basically, it is impossible to run away Dubai police now. If you manage to lose the Veyron on desert, the G63 AMG will chase you there.
G63 AMG features gold air intakes and heated seats! Probably the most useless feature in Dubai.

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Dubai Police