Pal Zileri Press Day at HR Owen

Pal Zileri, the iconic Italian fashion brand. Usually people don’t know very well about this brand. Unlike other Italian brands, Pal Zileri is not preferred by people who are planning to show off! That’s why Pal Zileri brand is preferred by a particularly different customer group.

And few weeks ago I had chance to attend Pal Zileri press day for their latest collection at Bentley and Bugatti dealer, HR Owen in London. It was a very good place to hold a press day, thanks to Bugatti Veyron! Despite the essence of 1200 HP of Bugatti Veyron W16 engine, Bugatti is a French brand owned by VW Group. Basically, it is not Italian. However, there is a minor problem with Italian car brands! There is no adequate space at Ferrari or Maserati dealers! You cannot squeeze a fashion event into a space.

In terms of fashion world, it is good to have a combination of different tastes. If the event was hold in Ferrari dealer, it won’t be that exciting. Because, everything would be Italian and it may turn into an Italian trade fair :)

Let’s go back to collection. As you expected Pal Zileri offers a unique and exquisite collection for the upcoming season. Personally, I really like the colour used for the collection. Usually, brands similar to Pal Zileri tend to use colours like black, grey, light grey, dark grey, very dark grey, very light grey, green black, grey black, black black, white, more white, boring green and the excitement of the colours goes forever. However, in order to look serious is not directly linked with the black, grey and white.

Pal Zileri’s collection proofs that you can dress smart and serious but it won’t made by black, grey and white.