Retro Volkswagen Golf Photo | Fourth Generation

Volkswagen Golf, the all time best seller car on planet and also all time retro. Promises high quality, reliability and boring design. Actually, the latest Volkswagen Golf does not look that boring and promises a dynamic character. However, Golf was not a very exciting car end of 1990s, exactly 1998! It has been 15 years ago! Honestly, I clearly remember the whole 1998. And seems like yesterday to me.

And I can clearly remember the fourth generation Volkswagen Golf, despite its boring design and look quality interior finish. It was a sensation in automotive industry. First time, we saw a transparent headlight covers instead of glass ones. Standard airbags and so on.

I am not going to discuss about the fourth generation Volkswagen Golf. I want to share the press photo of the Golf from 1998. License plate does not have DE bar at the left side. A fake couple pretending to show their love towards the Golf. I am trying to understand the composition of the photo and why a couple dress up and hold hands to show their love towards a car. During those years, it was very common to see meaningless photos like this. No one on this planet will ever dresses up and holds hands in front of a car. If they do it, they will be on Twitter!

I don’t comment about the dress and the suit. 1990s was that catastrophic, believe me :)

End of the 1990s were really hilarious and I still cannot believe we were looking at those pictures and thought that in real life people behave like this.

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