New Mercedes C-Class vs E-Class and S-Class

Das new Mercedes C-Class is officially revealed. Actually, it was officially revealed couple of years ago but we didn’t realise it was the new C-Class. Why I said this? The reason is very simple, Mercedes design language did a time travel and brought their photocopy machine from 1990s. The latest vehicle range of Mercedes cannot be diversified between each other. New C-Class Avantgarde model looks exactly the same as the new E-Class and the Elegance models looks exactly the same as the new S-Class.
This is a good way to secure the sales figures by the help of popular designed. But the problem occurs when the C-Class goes to market! People won’t be able to identify whether it is C-Class or E-Class or S-Class. This happened before with BMW and Mercedes in 1990s. BMW left this trend and Mercedes as well. But I don’t know why, Mercedes went back to warehouse and started the photocopy machine. 
Yes, the interior of the new Mercedes C-Class is amazing but will it look that good in real life? Don’t know! The safety features, especially pre-crash feature of the new C-Class will be market pioneer but that’s all. I won’t be excited to buy or drive a C-Class but I will feel safe inside it. Especially for the first time, Mercedes offers AirMatic suspension on C-Class and this will improve the ride as well. 
In addition to this, similar faces of C-Class will bite the sales figures of E-Class and S-Class. It may not happen in Western Europe but it will happen many other emerging markets. If the C-Class looks exactly the same a S-Class, why I should pay more? End of the sentence!
Technical details: The new C-Class is powered by 2.2-lt turbo diesel with 170 HP and 440 Nm of torque (C220 CDi), 1.6-lt turbo petrol engine with 156 HP and 250 Nm of torque, 2-lt turbo petrol with 184 HP and 300 Nm of torque. Unfortunately, engine figures did not improved with the new model but don’t worry, Mercedes will revise in one-year time. Also, there will be a 1.6-lt turbo diesel with 115 HP/280 Nm and 136 HP/320 Nm. All engines are coupled with 7G-Tronic Plus and four-wheel drive 4MATIC will be available. However, Mercedes may replaced the automatic gearbox with 9G-Tronic soon.
Will I buy it? Yes and no. 

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