New Mercedes C-Class with Michael Schumacher | Intelligent Drive

New Mercedes C-Class with Michael Schumacher. Don’t worry, Schumacher is not trying achieve sub 7-min Nürburgring lap or burnout. Actually, Schumacher is empashsing the new Intelligent Drive technology of Mercedes C-Class.
Mercedes is notorious of making dull looking cars packed up with highest technology. In terms of gadget world, we can call them ugly and useful gadgets. And the new C-Class follows the rule. The new C-Class looks exactly the same as the E-Class but packed up with the S-Class safety technology.
Long story short, the new C-Class is capable of identifying what is going around the vehicle and has the capability to drive by itself, stop by itself, steer by itself. I think the new Mercedes C-Class will be the most developed vehicle on its segment. 
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