What to Wear for Partying: 7 Days of Party Jimmy Choos

Jimmy Choo’s party shoes suggestion for 7-day. Iconic British fashion brand, Jimmy Choo revealed a new campaign, 7 Days of Party Choos. They suggest a pair of high heels for every day of the week. But it is for partying. However, there is one single problem. If you are working hard and afford to buy Jimmy Choo, I don’t think that you would be able to party everyday! Unless you own a lot of disposable income.

However, the suggestions from the Jimmy Choo will be useful for many women to find a quick solution to toughest problem, what to wear for partying.

Monday – Trina
Tuesday – Anouk
Wednesday – Lance
Thursday – Luna
Friday – Fey
Saturday – Colada
Sunday – Flambe


Photos Credits
Jimmy Choo