How to Transfer Photos from DSLR to a Smart phone? Kingston MobileLite Wireless

How to transfer photos from DSLR to a smart phone to post at Instagram. This is the most important problem of social media. Why? Very simple, iPhone and other phones do not have a very good camera and everyone wants to have a higher quality photos on Instagram and other social media platforms. There is way to do it with iPad, you buy the memory card reader but it does not work with iPhone.
Kingston MobileLite Wireless has the solution. Kingston is well known for USB memory sticks but they are in a very business now! Wireless file transfer and mobile charger. MobileLite offers these features seamlessly. You can easily upload your photos from a DSLR camera through the wireless internet and you can charge your mobile phone. 
I found this device very useful. You don’t need to find a computer to transfer photos from the DSLR to iPhone. With MobileLite, you take a photo with a DSLR and upload to iPhone/Android and directly to Instagram!
And also, you can upload the content from your USB memory to your iPhone or Android devices. Hopefully there is an invisible bridge between the USB memory and your smart phone.