Top Gear Race Track is on Google Street View

Top Gear racetrack is on Google Street View. Vaww, very exciting news! Okay, let me be honest, this is very exciting news. It would be great to go around the Top Gear’s legendary racetrack. However, the way it was presented on YouTube was totally dull. 
Google’s Street View car, Opel Astra was chased by the Stig. The Stig? The boring character of Top Gear and each time, it reveals his identity and destroys the game. The Stig was burning the tyre of a Mercedes SLS AMG GT Coupe. And burning more tyre and making donuts at the end of the video.
Level of creativity, absolute zero. Level of excitement, zero. Level of being interesting, really interest because Google Street View car is on the show.
Why I find the Stig and Top Gear dull? Unfortunately, Top Gear ran out of creative ideas. It has been more than ten years and each new episode is a repetition of the previous ones. At the end of the day, this is car show. What you can do with the cars? And they are replaced every seven-year. Even though, I write about cars, sometimes I found them really boring. And this happened with Top Gear. The Stig, races, burning tyres. They were fine for half a decade but not anymore.
Do I watch Top Gear? Yes and No! If you consider watching it by skipping, yes I do. I am sure if Top Gear reads this article, they will be mad at me. But this is what I really think about Top Gear.