Fashions Finest Show from Mobile Gadgets | London Fashion Week 2014

Fashions Finest London Fashion Week 2014 event, it was my first London Fashion Week event. And I wanted to start with a unique post! A fashion show from screens of mobile gadgets. 
After the iPhone and iPad, the photography had a revolution. The device that was designed to talk with other people is now the most important item of a fashion show. A couple of years ago, people would be using their digital cameras to take photos but I hardly spotted a digital camera. Actually, there were not digital cameras attended the event with the guests.
Also the tablets, they were never designed to be used a camera but with the improvements of their sensors, the tablets are the second most famous gadget on the fashion event. But tablets look really funny. Please try not to take photos with tablets!
So who received the highest attention from the mobile gadgets? Manchester based Greek designer, Sofia Dourvari.
So, here is the Fashions Finest event from the screens of mobile gadgets.