Heidi Klum with Maserati for Sports Illustrated

Heidi Klum and Maserati for Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. I already mentioned about this issue of Sports Illustrated, Kate Upton was enjoying the zero gravity and meantime, Heidi Klum enjoyed the Maseratis.
Maserati is one of my favourite car brand, I have an emotional connection with the brand that does not lead to any consumption decision. The main reason for this, new Maserati’s Ghible and Quattroporte do not offer any competitive technology like German brands. I know people buy Maserati because that’s a Maserati. However, we need the radar guided cruises control with stop and go function, pre-crash safety features and more. Because, they improve the driving and the safety.
Unfortunately, Maserati cannot offer any of these state-of-art technologies. What they offer is a unique design language and beautifully made cars. And with the help of Heidi Klum, it strongly emphasise its unique character. 
Personally, one day I may buy a Maserati because it is a lifetime experience. It is not like buying a Mercedes E-Class or BMW 5-Series. They are lifetime necessity. Even though, Maserati cannot offer very competitive vehicle they are still worth to buy.

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