McLaren P1 with Window-Shaped Carbon Fibre?

McLaren P1 with window-shaped carbon fibre panel designed by Frank Stephenson. This topic was raised by the Jalopnik. I can understand the reason why they highlighted this topic, they assumed that carbon fibre panel was designed to look like a window, because designer wanted to do so. And it does not have any function at all. 
I know Frank for few years and you may think that I will be biased on this article however, I won’t be. I can say one for sure! If Frank designs anything on a vehicle, there is a solid reason for it. In other words, Frank can proof the reason of that design item. He will never ever design something a car that does not have any function. And the carbon fibre panel on McLaren P1 leads to an air intake. So, there is a reason for the carbon fibre panel.
I assume Jalopnik did not know this design philosophy and misinterpreted his design. 

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