Official Photos of New Mercedes S-Class Coupe

New Mercedes S-Class Coupe is officially revealed and I can official declare that, it looks good. Finally, Mercedes did something that looks nice and does not recall its conservative design philosophy and this makes my previous post regarding to S-Class Coupe a bit dull.

The new Mercedes S-Class Coupe looks like a large version of the CLA. Especially the front end of the S-Class Coupe shares common design bits but this is not something really bad, instead makes the S-Class Coupe look younger.

As usual, Mercedes S-Class Coupe features the all new safety technology from the sedan version and also offers a new technology called Road Surface Scan. As I understand from the press release, the new S-Class Coupe can tilt like pendolino trains and increase handling. This technology is not new, Mercedes was working on tilting wheels and chassis more than one-decade.

And the bit is; 47 Swarovski crystals for each headlamps for an expressive appeal. How is the designer director of the Mercedes S-Class Coupe and what she or he was thinking whilst placing Swarovski crystals inside the headlamps. Sorry, but this is the most epic and unforgettable moments of the automotive industry. Even Kim Kardashian will not do something like this.

There are no details about the engines but never buy a S-Class Coupe except S500! And I cannot miss the Super Sport steering wheel. Honestly, it is funny! If you are planning to drive a car for long journeys and don’t like to suffer from the adverse effects of driving, the new S-Class Coupe will be the best vehicle. Literally, it can drive by itself and quite comfortable but don’t expect to experience laser precise handling like a Ferrari.

By the way, never order with green colour!

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