10 Reasons to Love Ferrari

10 Reasons to Love Ferrari, I know there are more reasons to love Ferrari but this is my new content style. 10 Reason to…

1. That’s a Ferrari! 

No one can deny the attractiveness and the sexiness of a Ferrari. Even a 1200 HP Bugatti cannot create the same emotional feelings! A Ferrari is always a Ferrari.

2. Made in Italy! 

Italy is not an epic manufacturer in automotive industry. But no one would ever buy a Ferrari that is not manufactured outside of Italy. Probably Ferrari is the only Italian product to be purchased, because it is Made In Italy.

3. It is a dream! 

Yes, Ferrari knows this as well. Ferrari does not sell a product to travel from A to B, they sell a dream to live in real life. At some age, everyone dreamed to own a Ferrari. Don’t deny it :)

4. Power! 

Ferrari means power. But not too much power, Ferrari offers you the power that can be transferred to tyres! Ferrari does not manufacture the most powerful cars but they combine the ultimate level of power with the ultimate driving experience.

5. Design! 

Ferrari never looks ugly, never! That’s why you had five different Ferrari F40s when you were ten-year old (I had three F40s, two in red and one in black).

6. Formula 1! 

Ferrari means Formula 1. Every Ferrari has a Formula 1 DNA and technology underneath the bonnet. Literally, a Ferrari is a street-legal Formula 1 car.

7. Rare to spot! 

Ferrari is not a car that you can spot everyday. Some of the Ferraris, you only see once in your whole life!

8. Heritage! 

Ferrari was founded in 1947 but what they have done since that time cannot be achieved by many automotive companies.

9. Factory! 

Ferrari has the most environment and coolest factory on earth. They have trees and plants next to production line. Harmony of emotions and engineering.

10. Engine! 

That’s a Ferrari engine. No one can imitate its noise, no one can fake it. You always recognise the Ferrari’s engine noise. Even if you heard once, you will never forget it.