Louis Vuitton Tailor Made Bags for BMW i8

Louis Vuitton tailor made bags for BMW i8, probably the coolest coolest collection a vehicle! And what is i8?
BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid sports car made from carbon fibre. i8 is the second car from the BMW’s new product line called i Series for electric powered low emission vehicle range. When you hear electric, you may think about uncool cars but BMW i8 has a very attractive design and features all BMW technology and gadgets. i8’s total power is 362 HP with petrol and electric motors. Electric range is 37 km and with the help of the petrol engine, i8 can reach to 250 km/h. Keep in mind i8 is powered by both electric motor and petrol engine, they are both connected to wheels. And only 4.4 seconds is enough to reach 100 km/h.
Anyway, let’s forget the technical things. When you buy an electric car, you will notice something! There is no proper boot space and the boot space looks a bit weird. In order to find a solution to this, you may try to buy and return many different bags and spend lots of time. But there is a very cleaver solution for this from Louis Vuitton, a tailor made collection for BMW i8. 
The BMW i8 Louis Vuitton bags are in carbon black to represent the i8’s carbon fibre body and chequered with Damier pattern. These bags not only designed for i8’s boot space, but also they are very stylish and unique. Many people own Louis Vuitton bags but very few of them will be i8 collection.

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