Jaguar F-Type Worth to Buy?

I would said no to Jaguar F-Type worth to buy question. The main reason for this, F-Type’s first production cars were not nicely built in terms of interior quality. But I never mentioned in my blog, because I wasn’t surprised. However, I decided to give another chance when I saw the new Jaguar F-Type Coupe in Mayfair, London.
And all my thought changed about F-Type, because the minor interior quality problems were resolved and the entertainment screen (navigation screen) works really fast and as confusing as Mercedes COMAND. And Jaguar F-Type Coupe with V6 (340 HP) engine starts from £50000 and it is really good price for its segment, where the Porsche 911 starts from £73000! Okay, F-Type is not like Porsche 911, but it is not a bad for this price. 
If you add up all optional gadgets to F-Type, you will end up around £70000 level and still cheaper than a Porsche 911. F-Type will not drive like a Porsche 911 but still not a bad car. And way better than the Mercedes SL!

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