Second Hand Bugatti Veyron at 72000KM

Today I have a short and simple post, a second hand 2010 Bugatti Veyron from HR Owen Jack Barclays London with 72000 KM (45000 Miles) on dial! Basically, this owner drove around 18000KM per year with the Veyron.

If you wish to translate this number mileage into daily life, this Bugatti Veyron was driven like a normal family car! Treated like a VW Golf, probably contributed to daily grocery shopping as well.

I can’t skip this! A set of tyres costs around £24000! And I assume this owner replaced the tyres at least twice.

Bugatti Veyron are as solid as a VW Golf. Veyron experienced the same though criteria of VW production quality that is applied Golf. Veyron can run smoothly for a very long time (if you can afford it).  This Bugatti Veyron can be a great deal! Don’t worry about the 72000 KM, Bugatti will be fine.

Consumption? 8-lt quad turbo engine consumes 37.2 at urban with 539 g/km CO2 level!

How much? Call HR Owen, Jack Barclays :) Last notice, annual running cost of a Veyron is around £200,000!

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Photos Credits
HR Owen Jack Barlcays