The New MINI Countryman with Facelift

The MINI Countryman with the facelift. MINI Countryman was revealed at the same year when the Range Rover Evoque was revealed. And MINI did a minor facelift to Countryman before the Evoque received one. Personally, I loved Evoque at the beginning but my emotions followed my brain and I started to prefer MINI Countryman due its technological advantage based on BMW. 
Literally, MINI Countryman is a tiny X5 with the MINI design philosophy. For some people that’s not tempting but for me, I like it. BMW offers wide range of gadgets and efficient engines. Countryman may not offer the same level of off road experience like the Evoque, but that’s the compromise.
The facelift of MINI Countryman is the new LED headlights and more personalisation options. Also, minor revisions to improve the aerodynamic performance. The 6-speed automatic gearbox is still with us, I think there won’t be any 8-speed auto near soon. In addition, MINI Countryman received the updated the information system that allows you to install apps like on your smart phone.
Worth to buy? Yes, it offers larger boots space, four-wheel drive and BMW infrastructure. And slightly more aggressive look.

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