2016 Bentley SUV Video

Today Bentley released a new video of the upcoming SUV model. Despite many negative feedback for the SUV model, Bentley kept focusing on the project. And I am not surprised with this. Because, there is a very profitable market on SUV segment that is not captured by the Bentley and it is utilised by the Range Rover. 
Therefore, it is very reasonable to see a Bentley SUV. I don’t think that Bentley SUV will offer state-of-art off road experience but it will be the pinnacle of luxury on SUV segment. Also plug-in hybrid is confirmed as well. 
I am definitely sure that Bentley SUV will capture the high end customers of Range Rover, also the technological infrastructure of Volkswagen group will offer very competitive features as well. 
It is expected to see Bentley SUV around 2016 with wide range of engine options.
In case you wonder how the first concept vehicle of Bentley SUV looks like you may find the photos from the Festival of Speed Goodwood 2012