Tom Ford Flat Sandals for $1100 | The Most Expensive Flat Shoes

Tom Ford flat sandals for $1100. I assume these are the most expensive flat shoes you can ever find. Tom Ford is really well-known for its very high pricing strategy. Since, it was found the product range was way above its competitors. For some people, the price of a Tom Ford is senseless but for some people it does worth it.

Probably, the premium pricing strategy of Tom Ford positions the brand into a very unique segment. Tom Ford can be purchased by a very limited amount of people and you cannot spot them like other brands on the street. Personally, I respect the pricing strategy of Tom Ford, it makes the brand unique and prevents the brand to be over popular.

Thus, $1100 for a flat sandals still too much but if you are looking for something that is not very popular and unique, Tom Ford is the right place to shop.

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Tom Ford