What Happened Apple CarPlay?

Yesterday Apple announced their future technologies but they did not mention about CarPlay. Did it fail? Or Apple is trying to cover up the CarPlay and trying us to forget it?
The reality behind the Apple CarPlay is, automotive industry cannot make a radical change like this. It takes a very long time to adapt all their in-car entertainment and navigation systems to be compatible with the Apple CarPlay. Unfortunately, the car industry does not reveal new vehicle every year and in Europe average product lifecycle of a car is 7-year! 
But that cannot be an excuse to avoid a new technology, but the adaptation is costly and may not bring large amount of customers from their rival brands just for CarPlay feature. 
As a result of Apple’s rapid product change strategy and automotive industry’s 7-year lifecycle resulted with the availability of CarPlay only with Ferrari FF, Mercedes CLA and Chevrolet Sonic. And I am not sure if you can purchase CarPlay in Europe as well!
And I did some background checks for the CarPlay from various car manufacturers and the result is? No. They all know the technology but that’s all, no production available to public.